How Lenders Thrive


Collect More Payments

Synchronize and Optimize

Collections in the digital era goes beyond ‘social-shaming’ and needs a comprehensive strategy where automated actions can be smartly escalated based on borrower behaviour.

Automate Collections

From Point of Payment (PoP) to full allocation across balances

Empower your borrowers with automation that gives them control and protects their financial health. Automation helps you provide better service with more care. Intelligent repayment tools allow lenders to:

  • Extend repayment incentives
  • Offer lower interest rates
  • Provide a manageable repayment schedule, and
  • Offer flexibility to make larger repayments as the opportunities arise.

Higher Volumes

Loan Servicing

Become a high-volume, multi-product lender that uses technology to reduce risk, increase gains, and safeguard borrower relationships. With highly-automated and intuitive software, lenders can integrate all aspects of their business. By refining these processes, they can boost profitability, control operational efficiency, and ensure compliance.

Want To Grow Your Financial Services Business Online?

Find out how our autonomous digital solutions can help your business thrive.

Payments Intelligence

From many places, to one.

Getting payments from customers is an important part of your lending business. When you're getting them from multiple sources things can get interesting. Our solutions enable you to bring in payments from any source, see them all together in real-time as they come in.